Plasti-dip description and how it works: Plasti-dip is a liquid, rubber based compound that was originally used as a protective coating, and has now become a popular way to change the color of your vehicle easily and quickly with no repercussions. A good way to describe plasti-dip, is it is the exact same thing as vinyl wrap, but the process is through a spray style paint gun, rather than a direct heat and stretch application. The process takes between 6-10 hours depending on vehicle size and color choice. Another common unknown, is that plasti-dip comes in more than just a matte finish. There are gloss, satin, and pearl finishes as well as colored flake applications. Lastly, plasti-dip cleaning and caretaking is actually quite easy for those who know what to watch for. We do have an onsite wash with materials and equipment specifically for cleaning dipped cars so feel free to ask us about that. For more questions or concerns contact us!

Excerpt from Dip Your

Could Plasti Dip damage my clear coat? has been using Plasti Dip on

cars for over 5 years, and we have experienced zero damage to the cars we have dipped,

peeled and redipped. However every car, and every situation is unique. Even with Plasti

Dip's great track record, we still recommend dipping a small test spot on your car before

dipping the entire thing. Especially consider longer test phases with cars that have been

re-painted. Every paint shop will use different types and amounts of clear coat - and

Plasti Dip can't possibly guarantee the exact same result on every unique paint job.

Plastidip color availability:

We keep 90% of colors in stock, but few are special order. Call for availability and pricing. Tier 1 being the

least expensive, tier 3 being the most expensive. Excludes pearls and chameleon colors.


Tier 1 Colors:

Black, White, Red, Yellow, Light blue, Flex blue, Hunter Green, Gunmetal grey, Black/Blue, Black Cherry,

and Matte Clear.


Tier 2 colors:

Monster Green, Fluorescent Purple, and Firebelly Orange


Tier 3 colors:

Navy Blue, Pure Purple, Intense Teal, Koi Orange, Electric Lime, Fierce Pink



Matte, Gloss, Satin


Tier 1 Pearls: Balloon White, Black Betty, Brooklyn Gold, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, HKS Purple, Hot

Pink, Hyper black, Hyper Silver, Merlot Red, Mocha Brown, Penny Copper, Plum Crazy, Radiant Red,

Sage Green, Sapphire Blue, Saturn Yellow, Sazuka Blue, Seafoam Green, Sora Blue, Team Orange, Tein

Green, Top Secret Gold, Trump Gold, World rally Blue.